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At this time we offer several online courses for high school: Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, English, French, Bible Study, Computer Science, Pre-Calculus, History and Geography. The Math courses are tailored giving priority to preparation for SAT and ACT tests.

Taking these courses will count towards the high school diploma, and our school certificate is accepted by all colleges. Also arrangements can be made that these high-school credits will be accepted by most colleges and grants and scholarship can be obtain based on the grades..

The learning pace is accelerated.

The tuition fee is $99 per course, for a full year. All ten courses cost only $900 for one year. The number of credits obtained in one year is up to 11 (if all courses are taken).
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The Geometry and Algebra teacher , Mr. Nick Baciu, will prepare the students for the SAT and ACT tests and also introduce elements of Logic and Reasoning, as well as interesting theories such as the Socrates-Alexander connection, the
Divine Ratio and even the possible location of Heaven from a geometrical perspective as a multi-dimensional space. Mr. Baciu has a degree in Advanced Math and also worked for many years as a Computer Engineer at reputable companies
like HP and Motorola, where he patented two software algorithms. Recently Mr. Baciu enrolled three of his children at Highview Christian Academy and joined in as a teacher.